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This is the game we made for the Ubisoft Game Challenge 2019 !
 We made it with Unity for Switch Device for two players where you have to eat your opponent, then you switch roles. :)
We got second place out of ten teams of fourteen members. The theme was "Matriochka" and we decided to abstract the subject using the "boxing" axis. We got the 5 following modifiers/constraints : 
- The game must feature one core system with physics components.
- The game cannot use a linear progression structure in its level design.
- The game must be compatible for all colorblind players.
- The entire game must not have text of any kind (including main menu & credits).
- The game must use an accelerometer as input.
I was Game Designer on this project, in charge of balancing and 3C, managing and communication.

Roland De Tomasi - Graphist (https://rolanddetomasi.wixsite.com/po...)
Luke Devillard - Graphist
Nicolas Zelvelder - Graphist (https://www.behance.net/nicolaszelc90a)
Fabien Salvalaggio - Graphist (https://www.artstation.com/fabien-s)
Ludovic Bonnet - Graphist
Augustin Courcoux - Sound Designer (https://courcouxaugustin.wixsite.com/...)
Léa Guerin - Game Designer
Ludovic Lucenet - Game Designer (https://malaso.itch.io/)
Jeremy Ossola - Game Designer (https://jeremyossolagd.itch.io/)
Elias Bennour - Developer (https://eliasbenur.itch.io/)
Grégoire Calonne - Developer
Romain Delbecq - Developer
Alexandre Magisson - Developer
Pierre Bailly - Developer (https://gogol25.itch.io/)

Install instructions

Before launching the game, connect two joycons one after another using bluetooth on your PC. Once both of them are connected, launch the game.
Use mouse to navigate in menus.

As the little character, use the joystick to move and the right button to jump.
As the mouth, use the joystick to turn and shake to GNACK !
Game has currently no end. Please be responsible. :D


Gnack.rar 37 MB

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