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AieRobot is the Global Game Jam 2020 project we made as a team of 11 : 2 programmers, 2 sound designers, 6 artists and 1 game designer. The game is played by four players with one controller each. We add a week of polish after the deadline to improve the graphic part and fix bugs.

A disfunctionnal robot started to destroy the ship !
As the crew, you have to repair the ship quickly while the disfunctionnal one keep destroying it and try to wreck you. Each robot is embodied by players : 1 disfunctionnal (Player 1) vs 3 crewmates (others Players). 

Disfunctionnal : You are quicker to destroy than the crew to repair, and you roll quicker than them. Use these perks to let the ship explode ! 

Crewmates : Split-up to repair many spots at the same time or stay together to repair one very quickly. If an ally is destroyed, find your way to repair him !

Win condition : The Crew win if they manage to fully repair the ship or if they have repaired 4 out of 5 spots by the end of the timer. The disfunctionnal robot win if it kills all the crewmates or if the ship is still in bad shape at the end of the timer.

Controls : Navigate the menu with the mouse. In game, move and turn using the joysticks of your controller. To hit or repair, use A, X, RB, LB, RT or LT.

Here is the GDD that we use during the Jam.

Install instructions

Download the archive, unzip it and launch AieRobot.exe with four controllers plugged in. You can choose the duration of your game, between one and six minutes.


AieRobot.7z 367 MB

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